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Deep house music is a kind of house music which developed in the late 1980s. House is a type of music that originated from the need to have something better than disco. The 1980s saw its emergence and by the middle of the decade, it had almost replaced disco music in discotheques, starting from Chicago to even Europe.

House music has more funk and soul in it than disco numbers. Deep house sounds are jazzier and have strong use of vocals unlike other house music forms. House music came to be called so because of the club called Warehouse in Chicago which popularized this music.

Deep house songs have a slower tempo compared to other house songs. The deep house tracks have a lesser thump of the drums, gentler transitions, sustained chords and a vocalist singing R&B with soul, gospel and jazz traits. In fact, deep house developed in 1987 due to the need for a singer with the music.

Some famous deep house artists of the time were Larry Heard, Kym Mazelle, Marshall Jefferson, Fingers Inc, Frankie Knuckles and Xavier Gold.

You can get free deep house music and free deep house downloads, which you can compare with the other house music styles if you want to study the differences. When you are studying house music, you should remember that house music was developed in clubs and to suit the tastes of the club crowds. Also, the evolution of various styles of house music happened within short intervals. This was because they were always trying to give something new to the club-goers.

Each form of house music had reached a climax or saturation position so that something better than that had to be developed. But, the music survived the tough times to emerge successful in the end and even now, reverberates around the clubs of the world.

When house music was beginning, the existing disco records were remixed and made with instrument changes, more or lesser beats. For instance, Frankie Knowles would use synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and sequencers to compose old songs in a new fashion. In house music, DJs and music mixers had a very important role to play.

Jazzy deep house and funky deep house were introduced in an effort to jazz up the club atmosphere during the Chicago developmental years of house music.

For deep house mp3s, you can check out a host of websites online. The best collection of deep house music mixes can be found with DJs who treat them as priceless assets. The deep house techno is such that the music lingers in the mind even after it is over. If you are particularly impressed with this kind of music, look for deep house music downloads or deep house music free downloads. You may not get all tracks for free and in this case you can download deep house music from the sites that charge nominally.

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